Crescent Console Table

Designed in SketchUp, Milled Ash and Cherry, w/ Thrown Stoneware bowl.

Crescent Console Table was the first piece of furniture I ever designed. The design is simple, based off of a traditional console entry table with floating mortise and tenon construction. Slight and unassuming in its profile - this table can easily hug an entry wall and not be noticed. The curved legs of the table echo the silhouette of the ceramic bowl placed on top.

Entry tables tend to be a catch-all for junk mail, stray earrings, and dog leashes. However, when an object or area of the tabletop is highlighted, users are more likely to pay attention to this area of elevated importance. The oculus cut in the center was made in order to give the tabletop this area of focus, and to house a ceramic bowl made specifically to fit the spot. Thus, the bowl catches car keys and other important things when entering or exiting a home.