Hand-Powered Toolbox

Fashioned after Victorian-era writing desks and Civil War campaign furniture, this “toolbox” was designed as a one-stop shop for a creative nomad in order to have all of their tools (whether digital or analog) close at hand. The interior of the desk has purpose-built storage spaces for items such as a tape measure, iPad, cell phone, sticky notes, etc. If every tool is given a specific home, there is much less of a chance for clutter to gather. What’s more, the writing desk surface, when closed, does not allow for items to gather on its surface due to the ergonomic slant.

I found that my desk never had enough room for both my laptop as well as my drawing supplies. As such, the toolbox was designed to be the exact width of a 15-inch laptop. When the laptop is not in use, it can be placed inside of the discrete drawer on the front of the box.

Due to the complex nature of the joinery and sizing of the compartments in this box, it was designed and rendered with CAD software first. This allowed me to print out a set of blueprints with highly-accurate measurements for cuts. Additionally, this allowed me to use a lasercutter to produce a wood veneer inlay of the hand-powered graphic that was then embedded in the surface of the final design.